Welcome to our Informational Library. This is a library of many of our Title and Escrow brochures and helpful informational sheets available from Chicago Title. Please contact your local Chicago Title Sales Representative for more information about these brochures.

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*Some brochures are State or County specific, please review carefully.

                 REAL ESTATE/ESCROW
Notification to Buyer on Disposition CA prop.

What is Mello Roos?
25 Key Escrow Terms
Tips to Help Expedite Your Escrow
New Change of Ownerships Penalties
Homeowners Exemption
Los Angeles County Courtesy Notice Program
Riverside County Courtesy Notice Program
Orange County Characteristics
Senate Bill 458 - Short Sale Law
Opening the Escrow
Steps for a Successful Escrow
Escrow File Checklist
Documentary Transfer Tax Affidavit
Important Tax Dates - California
Understanding Supplemental Taxes
Disclosure of Supplemental Taxes Law

Who Pays For What in a Typical Real Estate Transaction
Eight Common Ways to Hold Title English 1 page
Eight Common Ways to Hold Title English (Full Size)
Eight Common Ways to Hold Title Spanish
Eight Common Ways to Hold Title

                  HELPFUL TIPS/SEASONAL

2015 County Recorders Holiday Schedule

2015 Recorders Holiday Schedule San Bdno.

2015 Recorders Schedule - Riverside
2015 Recorders Schedule - San Diego
2015 Recorders Schedule - Los Angeles
2015 Recorders Schedule - Orange

2015 Rescission Calendar

Create a Family Disaster Plan
Create a Family Disaster Kit

Green Series - Customer Service






                            REAL ESTATE/TITLE

Interim Binder Style 1
Interim Binder Style 2
Riverside County Documentary Transfer Tax Exemption Clarification

Understanding Closing Costs
Premier Services Map Search Feature
Riverside County Reinstates Prop 90
Bankruptcy Checklist
The Grant Deed - What it does
The Grant Deed - What it does 11x17

What is an Easement?
Premier Services Custom Comparables

County Tax Link in Online Profiles
ChicagoAgent 2.0
Understanding Probate
Why Lenders Require Title Insurance When Refinancing
Title Requirements for Insuring Living Trusts
Mechanics' Lien Law - 7/12/2012
California Buyer Seller Guide

Transferring Property to a Trust? Does your Title Policy Keep You Covered?
"One Click" Premier Services Property Profile
Premier Services Street Look-Up Feature
Typical Title Clearance Problems
Buying Real Estate in Mexico
Mobile Property Profile App for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Tax Impound Schedule

21 Reasons for Title Insurance
What is Title Insurance
"Title Now" BlackBerry Profile App
"Title Now" Android Profile App
"Title Now" Profile App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Save Your Transaction! Purchase Agreement Statement of Information Requirement
GFE Accu-Rate Precision
Chicago Chat is OPEN!
Preliminary Reports - Possible Problems
Statement of Information (Life Ring)
Statement of Information (Smoothly)
California Transfer Tax Web Site
Commonly Used Purchase Loan Endorsements
Chicago Title Rate Book is Going Green
Transfer Tax Exemptions
Short Sale w/Escrow Form on Back
HUD1 Settlement Guide
New HUD-1 RESPA Rules - Are you Ready
California Senate Bill 306 (Short Sale Contracts)

California Assembly Bill 957 (Buyers Choice Act) Style 1
California Assembly Bill 957 (Buyers Choice Act) Style 2
Title Insurance - A Value Proposition
Closing Costs...What They Are
Prelim: Deed of Trust/Notice of Default 
Prelim: Pending Court Action
Prelim: Tax Default Item

Path of a Preliminary Title Report
Property Transfer Tax Fees
Important Calif. Tax Dates
The Life of a Title Search
The Life of an Escrow
The Quitclaim Deed
Homestead Declaration
eFarm Interactive Mapping Feature

The Preliminary Title Report Explained
How to Read an Assessors Map

Homeowners Title Policy Coverage
California Cities By Counties
Proposition 8 - Decline-in-Value Reassessments 
Proposition 90 - 55+ Tax Relief

California Legislation 223 & 385
Calif. Assembly Bill-2962 (3 1/3 Withholding)

Chicago Title Informational

HUD Buyer Select - Attention You Deserve

HUD - Buyer Select Closing Agent

Property Watch Dog
My Title Rep Info App

10 Reasons to Use Chicago Title
Spanish Marketing
Elect Chicago Tile
(Style 1)
Elect Chicago Title
(Style 2)
We are Greener
Chicago Title "A" Rating
Importance of a Compliant Title Insurer
Premier Services Update 11/17/09

Title in Motion - Chicago Title Moving at the Speed of Success

Rev Up Your Sales With Chicago Title Services

We Understand What You Want
Chicago Title - Like Reaching for the Stars
Importance of Company Financial Strength

Depend Upon the Title Insurance Industry Leader Updated 2/09

History of Chicago Title

At Chicago Title Every Transaction comes with a Free Pedestal
At Chicago Title It's Like Having Hercules for a Big Brother

Chicago Title - Popularity Contest
Chicago Title It's Like Being the Smartest Kid in Class and Still Cool

Chicago Title - All About Assurance