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Items 1-8 = CLTA
1. Someone else owns an interest in your title to the property
2. A document is not properly signed
3. Forgery and fraud
4. Defective recording of certain document
5. Restrictive covenants
6. There is a lien on your title because there is:
a) a deed of trust
b) a judgment, tax or special assessment
c) a charge by the HOA (homeowner’s assoc.)
7. Title is unmarketable
8. Lack of right of access to and from the land
Items 1-38 = Complete Homeowner’s Policy (see pg. 11 for misc. info)
9. Mechanics’ Lien protection
10. Forced removal of structure because it:
a) extends on other land or onto an easement b) violates a restriction in Schedule B of policy c) violates an existing zoning law
11. Cannot use land for SFD (single-family dwelling)
12. Unrecorded lien by the HOA
13. Unrecorded easements
14. Others have rights arising out of leases,
contracts or options
15. Pays rent for substitute residence
16, Inflation Protection
1 7. 18. 19.
20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.
27. 28.
29. 30. 31.
33. 34. 35.
36. 37. 38.
Building permit violations – forced removal* Subdivision Map Act violations*
Boundary wall or fence encroachment - forced removal*
Restrictive covenant violations Post-policy defect in title Post-policy contract or lease rights Post-policy forgery
Post-policy easement
Post-policy limitation on use of land Post-policy damage from minerals or water extraction
Post-policy living trust coverage
Post-policy encroachment by neighbor other than wall or fence
Enhanced access-vehicular and pedestrian Damage to structure from use of easement Post-policy automatic increase of 10% annually up to 150%
Post-policy correction of existing violation of covenant
Home address is incorrect
Map not consistent with legal description Coverage for spouse acquiring through divorce
Violations of building setbacks Discriminatory covenants
Insurance coverage forever
 * Subject to deductible and maximum liability, which is less than the policy amount.
 Disclaimer: Due to variations in the policy language and definitions, the foregoing is provided for informational purposes only. Policy forms are available upon request and you are encouraged to request copies of policy forms for your review. The policy that is issued to an insured controls the terms and conditions of the insurer’s obligations to its insured.

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