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What is a Disclosure Report?
Disclosure reports are designed to assist sellers (and their agents) in disclosing legally required information to a potential purchaser in a real estate transaction in an easy to understand, economical format. Buyers can rely on the information to make a more informed decision regarding the property being purchased.
Where to Order a Disclosure Report
FNF’s own Disclosure Source is a premier provider for natural hazards, special taxes & assessments and environmental hazard information to safely comply with statutory requirements.
California real estate law gives buyers three days to cancel a transaction whenever material information is disclosed to them. It is in your best interest, as the seller, to get all disclosures in the hands of the potential buyer as soon as possible. We recommend ordering the disclosure report as soon as the property is listed. Buyers will then be able to review and accept the disclosures as part of their offer. Your agent can advise you on these issues.
For more information, please call (800) 880-9123 or visit

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