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  What is Title Insurance?
The purchase of a home is often the single largest investment people will make in a lifetime; therefore, the importance of fully protecting such an investment cannot be over stressed. Title insurance provides the new owner with protection from future claims against the title to the property. It is the most effective, most accepted and least expensive way to protect property ownership rights.
Because land inures over generations, many people may develop rights and claims to a particular property. The current owner’s rights–which often involve family and heirs–may be obscure. There may be other parties (such as government agencies, public utilities, lenders or private contractors) who also have “rights” to the property. These interests may affect the title of any owner.
Why Do You Need a Title Insurance Policy?
If title insurance companies work to eliminate risks and prevent losses caused by defects in the title before the closing, why do you need a title insurance policy? The title to the property could be seriously threatened or lost completely by hazards which are considered hidden risks such as matters, rights or claims that are not shown by the public records and, therefore, are not discoverable by a search and examination of the those public records.” Matters such as forgery, incompetency or incapacity of the parties, fraudulent impersonation, and unknown errors in the records are examples of “hidden risks” which could provide a basis for a claim after the property has been purchased.
Title insurance isn’t just for a homeowner. Subdividers need it when planning a new tract of homes or a commercial strip center. Attorneys use it for clients who are investing in shopping centers, hotels, office buildings and countless other projects. Builders need it in order to obtain construction loans from their lender. Everyone wants to have peace of mind when investing their hard-earned-money. The title insurance company will help protect these important investments, no matter how large or small, with its own reputation and financial strength.

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