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In addition to the responsibilities at left, the following legal services may also be offered by a qualified attorney:
• Preparation of ownership entity documents such as incorporating, Limited Liability Company (LLC) filings or Partnership (LP) filings
• Preparation of Special Disclosures for the project
• Preparation of a Limited Warranty
• Preparation of Subsidy or Maintenance Agreement
• Preparation of Shared Use Agreements or Easement Agreements for mixed use projects
• Preparation of Maintenance Manuals for individual homeowners and the Association
• Preparation of election rules for the Association
• Review of the condition of title prior to acquisition. Chicago Title will provide copies of all underlying documents and, in some cases, plotted easements for review and discussion
• Review of lender documents for your construction loan
• Assistance with entitlement issues
• DRE processing
• Assistance with DRE issues if there are unusual aspects to your project
• For condominium conversion projects, provide tenant notification forms and assistance
The above represents only some of the responsibilities you may wish to have your attorney assume. Consult with your attorney about the acquisition and development of your specific project in order to come to a decision as to the total responsibilities he or she will assume on your behalf.
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