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After the tentative map approval
• Once the City has approved the tentative map, the developer has the required information to submit an application to the Department of Real Estate (DRE) for a Preliminary Public Report (Pink). For detailed information on this process, see the section entitled “Obtaining Your Public Report”
• The documents required of the engineer for a DRE filing are:
a. Copy of the tentative tract map
b.Copy of the signed Conditions of Approval of the map
c. Preliminary Condominium Plan, if the project is a condominium
• Once the subdivision map conditions of approval are determined after the public hearing, the project engineer will discuss with the developer how to comply with each condition. The engineer will then begin processing the final map. The map itself is a complete, in-depth boundary analysis and survey which will include the entire area around the property on which the project is or will be located. Once the final map has been drafted (after the survey and analysis) it will be submitted to the City or County Engineer as well as to Chicago Title for checking.
• Concurrent with the preceding processing, all the various conditions of approval
should be complied with, some of which may require the payment of fees, recording of covenants and agreements, the posting of improvement bonds, processing street and other improvement plans, etc.
• All subdivision maps recorded between January 1st and October 31st will require a Tax Bond. Depending on the County, the tax bond amount may require a separate application. You should discuss this process with your engineer as it is not always covered by their contract. In addition to the bond, taxes for the full year must be paid to obtain a tax clearance. Maps recording between November 1st and December 31st do not require a bond, but the full year’s taxes must be paid.
• When the final map is found to be technically correct, and all conditions of approval have been satisfied, the map will be sent, as appropriate, to the City Council or the County Board of Supervisors for final approval. Ordinarily, the tract will be approved without discussion since the Subdivision Map Act prohibits them from rejecting the map, unless the conditions of approval have not been satisfied. The Clerk then signs the map and returns it to the City or County Engineer who will verify the title information with Chicago Title’s Subdivision Guarantee and check for tax clearance. The map will then be sent to the County Recorder to record.
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