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developer’s responsibiliTies
We at Chicago Title understand that the ultimate responsibility for the entire subdivision process and the success of your development lies with you, the developer. It is therefore imperative that we work closely with you and that you carefully coordinate and communicate your needs and requirements to us, your engineer, attorney, budget preparer and the other members of your team throughout all of the various aspects of your project.
Some, but not all, of the various duties and responsibilities that involve you directly are as follows:
• Contact your Chicago Title Sales Representative to open your subdivision title order and discuss the members of your Development Team. If you are new to the process, they can provide you with a list of qualified engineers, attorneys, budget preparers and DRE processors.
• Payment of fees for:
a. Bonds: Off-site improvement bonds, Tax Bond(s), Homeowner’s Association
Maintenance Bond and optional bonds such as, a Subsidy Bond, Completion Bond or Purchase Money (RE600) bond. The various bonds required will be explained throughout this manual.
b.Incorporating the project’s Homeowner’s Association, if applicable c. Department of Real Estate (DRE) filing fees, if applicable d.Natural Hazard Disclosure Report(s)
e. All other fees and payments required to process the subdivision map and building plans with the City and/or County. (These are further discussed under Engineer’s Responsibilities on page 11 of this handbook.)
• Obtain or be involved in obtaining the necessary signatures and notary acknowledgements on your subdivision map, and other documents to be recorded in connection with the recording of your map.
• Coordinate with your engineer to comply with the Conditions of Approval imposed on your subdivision map by the City and County.
• Arrange for construction and take-out financing for your project. Chicago Title will need your lender information in order to anticipate and process the required title insurance for your lender.
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