Page 5 - The Preliminary Report
P. 5
This number identifies the Title Order Number and Title Officer Initials for reference.
This identifies the Address for the real property being searched.
This indicates the date and time that matters affecting the title to the real property therein have been examined and re- ported in the Preliminary Report.
This section defines the type of coverage intended to be issued when the policy is issued.
A Fee Simple is the highest type of estate or interest an owner can have in land, freely trans- ferable and inheritable, and whose owner is entitled to pos- session.
This shows the owner of record and how title is vested (how the owner holds title to the land i.e. a single man, a widow, husband and wife as joint tenants, etc.) for the real property therein.
The Legal Description and As- sessor’s Parcel Number (APN) of the real property covered in the Preliminary Report.
Identifies the escrow contact for the order and includes the escrow number for identification purposes.
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ISSUING OFFICE: 560 E. Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino, CA 92408
  Title Officer: Cathy Berry Email: Phone No.: (909)384-7000 Fax No.: (909)384-7100 Title No.: 7123456-CB
Escrow Officer: Cindy Closer Email: Phone No.: 909-800-1234 Fax No.: 800-800-5678
Escrow No.: 201900
Cindy Closer
909-800-1234  FAX 800-800-5678
    PROPERTY ADDRESS(ES): 1234 W. First Street, Riverside, CA EFFECTIVE DATE: April 1, 2019 at 07:30 AM
The form of policy or policies of title insurance contemplated by this report is: ALTA Homeowner's Policy of Title Insurance 2013
ALTA Loan Policy 2006
     1. The estate or interest in the Land hereinafter described or referred to covered by this Report is: Fee
2. Title to said estate or interest at the date hereof is vested in:
John Jones and Linda Jones, trustees of the Jones Family Trust dated January 15, 2010
3. The Land referred to in this Report is described as follows:
ForAPN/ParcelID(s): 555-222-001
Lot 58 of Tract No. 25545, in the City of Riverside, County of Riverside, State of California, as per map recorded in book 222, pages 1 through 5 inclusive of maps, in the office of the county recorder of said county.
       CLTA Preliminary Report Form - Modified (Adopted: 11.17.2006)
Printed: 05.08.19 @ 02:25 PM

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