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7&8. Easements
These items indicate that there are easements of record af- fecting the land for stated pur- poses. When clearly defined the location of said easement will be set out. These can be dedicated on a filed map or re- corded in an instrument at the Recorders Office.
9. Deed of Trust
This indicates a voluntary en- cumbrance against the proper- ty for monies which are secured against the property. It will show the original loan amount, date executed, recording date, borrower, lender and trustee.
10. Solar Energy System
This indicates that a solar ener- gy system is presently located on the property and terms of a recorded contract are in effect regarding this system.
11. Solar Financing
Shows that a financing state- ment regarding a solar ener- gy system has been recorded against the property.
7. Easement(s) for the purpose(s) shown below and rights incidental thereto, as granted in a document:
Title No.: 7123456-CB
  Purpose: Recording Date: Recording No.: Affects:
public utilities
February 20, 1991 91-056471, Official Records as follows:
various strips of land, 6.00 feet in width, lying within all those lots bounded on one or more sides by roads or highways, as shown on the map of said tract; a sideline of each of said strips shall in all cases be coincidental with the right of way line of said roads and highways.
8. Easement(s) for the purpose(s) shown below and rights incidental thereto, as granted in a document:
 Purpose: Recording Date: Recording No: Affects:
public utilities
October 26, 1993 421777, Official Records a portion of said land
 9. A deed of trust to secure an indebtedness in the amount shown below,
Dated: Trustor/Grantor Trustee: Beneficiary: Loan No.: Recording Date: Recording No:
March 13, 2012
John Jones and Linda Jones, husband and wife, as joint tenants Chicago Title Company
Chase Home Loans
March 18, 2012
as instrument no. 2012-033211, Official Records
 10. Any right, title or interest of Sunbeam Solar in or to the solar energy system located on the Land as disclosed by that certain Notice of Independent Solar Energy System Producer Contract recorded
Recording Date: 12/12/2015 Recording No.: 2015-56789
NOTE: The Company requires a separate termination of contract and that said termination of contract be submitted to the Title Officer for review in order to remove this exception.
 11. A financing statement as follows:
  Debtor: Secured Party: Recording Date: Recording No.:
John Jones and Linda Jones Sunbeam Solar
December 12, 2016 2016-56790
CLTA Preliminary Report Form - Modified (Adopted: 11.17.2006)
Printed: 05.08.19 @ 02:25 PM

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