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obTaining your publiC reporT
Chicago Title understands how important it is to obtain a Public Report in a timely manner. We offer the services of experienced DRE Consultants to assist you in obtaining a Public Report.
What exactly is a Public Report? A Public Report is a disclosure statement which provides consumer protection in the sale of subdivided land, including air space subdivisions. It is issued by the Department of Real Estate (DRE) after the submission of a filing package, their initial review, deficiency submission, the recording of certain documents and their final review.
Projects requiring a Public Report:
• A Standard Subdivision of five or more lots to be sold with completed homes (residential houses within a subdivision with public streets and no common area) located within an Unincorporated Area of the County
• A Standard Subdivision of five or more lots when all or some lots are to be sold as vacant lots
• Residential common interest subdivision of five or more units or lots, such as a condominium or planned development. Stock Cooperatives and Community Apartment Projects (Own-Your- Owns) are also considered common interest subdivisions but are rare except in their conversion to condominiums.
Projects that DO NOT require a Public Report are:
• Commercial Condominiums
• Any subdivision of four or less lots or units
• Standard Subdivisions within the City limits to be sold with completed homes
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