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Getting Started on the DRE Process
The DRE process should be started after the City or County approves the tentative map and before construction commences. Assembling your processing team early will help you determine the timing that works best for you.
Your processing team should consist of:
• Chicago Title Sales Representative
• DRE Consultant from Chicago Title or other DRE processor, such as your attorney’s office or an independent DRE processor
• Engineer
• Attorney
• Escrow
• Budget Preparer, if the project is a condominium or planned development
If this is the first time this team has worked together, it is a good idea to have a DRE “kick-off” meeting of all of the team members. This can expedite the process when everyone receives the information they need at the same time and can discuss aspects of the project that make it unique.
The following documents should be brought to your “kick-off” meeting:
• Developer’s entity documents, such as LLC-1 and Operating Agreement, or LP-1 and Partnership Agreement or Corporate Resolution, if a corporation. The purpose of these documents is to provide the DRE with evidence of the signing authority of the person signing the application and other documents. A signature block will be generated from this and given to the engineer, attorney and DRE consultant.
• Site Plan (five copies) showing the building lay-out and common area facilities
• Architectural Plans (one set) for the Budget Preparer
• Tentative Tract Map (five copies)
• City or County signed Conditions of Approval
From this meeting, your team members will receive the information they need to complete their part of the DRE filing package. Each of their responsibilities has been outlined in detail in earlier portions of this manual. The following is a summary:
Attorney – Management documents (CC&Rs, Bylaws, Articles) and possibly the Purchase Agreement/Escrow Instructions, sample Grant Deed and Deed and Irrevocable Escrow Instructions for Association Property
Budget Preparer – Budget and Common Facilities Sheet
Engineer – Tentative Tract Map, signed Conditions of Approval and preliminary Condominium Plan (if a condominium) Escrow – Purchase Agreement/Escrow Instructions
DRE Consultant – All other DRE forms including the Questionnaire
You should carefully review the documents prepared by each of your team members to make sure your project is being correctly represented and your preferences covered.
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