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Other requirements and pro- visions which are reflected as “Notes” which are removed if and when a title policy is issued.
   Note 10. Note 11.
Due to the special requirements of SB 50 (California Public Resources Code Section 8560 et seq.), any transaction that includes the conveyance of title by an agency of the United States must be approved in advance by the Company’s State Counsel, Regional Counsel, or one of their designees.
In order to complete this report, the Company requires a Statement of Information to be completed by the following party(ies),
Party(ies): All Parties
The Company reserves the right to add additional items or make further requirements after review of the requested Statement of Information.
NOTE: The Statement of Information is necessary to complete the search and examination of title under this order. Any title search includes matters that are indexed by name only, and having a completed Statement of Information assists the Company in the elimination of certain matters which appear to involve the parties but in fact affect another party with the same or similar name. Be assured that the Statement of Information is essential and will be kept strictly confidential to this file.
CLTA Preliminary Report Form - Modified (Adopted: 11.17.2006)     Printed: 05.08.19 @ 02:25 PM
Title No.: 7123456-CB

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