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Other requirements and pro- visions which are reflected as “Notes” which are removed if and when a title policy is issued.
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Notice: Please be aware that due to the conflict between federal and state laws concerning the cultivation, distribution, manufacture or sale of marijuana, the Company is not able to close or insure any transaction involving Land that is associated with these activities.
If a county recorder, title insurance company, escrow company, real estate broker, real estate agent or association provides a copy of a declaration, governing document or deed to any person, California law requires that the document provided shall include a statement regarding any unlawful restrictions. Said statement is to be in at least 14-point bold face type and may be stamped on the first page of any document provided or included as a cover page attached to the requested document. Should a party to this transaction request a copy of any document reported herein that fits this category, the statement is to be included in the manner described.
If this company is requested to disburse funds in connection with this transaction, Chapter 598, Statutes of 1989 mandates hold periods for checks deposited to escrow or sub-escrow accounts. The mandatory hold period for cashier's checks, certified checks and teller's checks is one business day after the day deposited. Other checks require a hold period of from two to five business days after the day deposited. In the event that the parties to the contemplated transaction wish to record prior to the time that the funds are available for disbursement (and subject to Company approval), the Company will require the prior written consent of the parties. Upon request, a form acceptable to the company authorizing said early recording may be provided to Escrow for execution.
Wire Transfers
There is no mandated hold period for funds deposited by confirmed wire transfer. The Company may disburse such funds the same day.
Any documents being executed in conjunction with this transaction must be signed in the presence of an authorized Company employee, an authorized employee of an agent, an authorized employee of the insured lender, or by using Bancserv or other approved third-party service. If the above requirements cannot be met, please call the company at the number provided in this report.
Note: There are NO conveyances affecting said Land recorded within 24 months of the date of this report.
Note: None of the items shown in this report will cause the Company to decline to attach ALTA Endorsement Form 9 to an Extended Coverage Loan Policy, when issued.
Note: The Company is not aware of any matters which would cause it to decline to attach CLTA Endorsement Form 116 indicating that there is located on said Land a single family residence, known as 1234 W. Frist Street, Riverside, CA, to an Extended Coverage Loan Policy.
Note: The Company and its policy issuing agents are required by Federal law to collect additional information about certain transactions in specified geographic areas in accordance with the Bank Secrecy Act. If this transaction is required to be reported under a Geographic Targeting Order issued by FinCEN, the Company or its policy issuing agent must be supplied with a completed ALTA Information Collection Form ("ICF") prior to closing the transaction contemplated herein.
Note: Pursuant to Government Code Section 27388.1, as amended and effective as of 1-1-2018, a Documentary Transfer Tax (DTT) Affidavit may be required to be completed and submitted with each document when DTT is being paid or when an exemption is being claimed from paying the tax. If a governmental agency is a party to the document, the form will not be required. DTT Affidavits may be available at a Tax Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder.
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