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               12&13. Trust Vesting
Statement wherein it specifies that because the ownership is in a Trust it must be reviewed for insurability and a copy of the Trust including amend- ments and a Trust Certification will be required.
     13. This Company will require a full copy of the trust agreement and any amendments thereto. END OF EXCEPTIONS
12. Any invalidity or defect in the title of the vestees in the event that the trust referred to herein is invalid or fails to grant sufficient powers to the trustee(s) or in the event there is a lack of compliance with the terms and provisions of the trust instrument.
If title is to be insured in the trustee(s) of a trust, (or if their act is to be insured), this Company will require a Trust Certification pursuant to California Probate Code Section 18100.5.
The Company reserves the right to add additional items or make further requirements after review of the requested documentation.
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  CLTA Preliminary Report Form - Modified (Adopted: 11.17.2006)
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